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re·dux: adjective [postpositive] 
/ˈrēˌdəks/ /ˈriˌdəks/

A theme or topic redone, restored, brought back or revisited. New interpretation of an existing work.

Tamra Gentry Design Studio: REDUX

Color and swirls and

car paint, oh my!

This website is an archive of and throwback to a couple of fun jewelry collections I designed and made between 2009 and 2012. I went deep in to my photo stash, pulled out some highlights, and created a dedicated website.

Although my work is no longer Fordite or mineral-focused, that doesn’t mean I won’t use a piece in my designs or release something from my personal treasure box for custom work from time to time. So, watch the blog for updates, follow me on The Socials, or subscribe to the Tamra Gentry Design Studio newsletter.

Tamra’s Fordite Jewelry Archive


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